The Importance of Embracing Challenges

“Writing about resilience demanded me to demonstrate my own resilience.” – “The Crooked Rim”


The last year and a half has been a struggle for most Americans, and we’re still dealing with that reality today. Along with our communities, colleagues and families, we have all dealt with abrupt changes to our daily lives and routines — at work and at home. Nearly every part of our world has changed forever. Though the pandemic has been extremely tough, the lessons we’ve learned about navigating trying situations are and always will be relevant.


Prior to the global shutdown, I never planned on writing a second book. After realizing the mental and emotional toll the pandemic had on my life, I knew it was time to lean on something I’ve done my entire career; I needed to embrace the challenges I was experiencing in order to overcome and persevere. This time it wasn’t to survive and advance to another round in the postseason, it was to dig myself out of a rut and bounce back stronger.


So, I put pen to paper, documenting everything I’d learned about overcoming obstacles on and off the court, and “The Crooked Rim” was born. Interestingly, writing about resilience forced me to be resilient myself and shift my mindset.


Embrace Challenges

During times of crisis, we can either be a positive force to those around us or bring people down. Our mindset determines which influence we’ll have. All of us have the ability to persevere; we just have to reframe our thinking. Many of us have struggled during the pandemic. We’ve feared for our family and friends while also facing isolation and uncertainty — but we’ve overcome. We’ve found ways to work through the chaos in order to come out stronger on the other side. We are better prepared for whatever comes our way next. Without challenges, we may never know how strong we really are.


When we think of challenges as an opportunity to learn, we strengthen and sharpen our mindsets. Whether at work or at home, we can turn stumbling blocks into starting blocks and use those situations to propel us forward in life.


“It is tragic if the crooked rim becomes the singular obstacle that keeps us from sinking the shot. Instead, think of the crooked rim as a gift—an opportunity to release us from what holds us back and it makes us tougher.” – “The Crooked Rim”


Learn more about how to master your mindset for success in “The Crooked Rim,” which will be released on January 4, 2022. To order an autographed copy, please visit


Next month, Pam will key in on the importance of training daily to build the mental muscle needed to get to the Next Level.