Digging Deep to Overcome Obstacles

“Today’s scars are tomorrow’s stripes.” – Pam Borton, “The Crooked Rim” I didn’t know it back then, but growing up on my family’s farm in Ohio is where I first learned resiliency. I’d spend my days and nights shooting my basketball at a crooked rim nailed to our barn over and over again. That crooked rim taught me so much. It taught me to dig deep, embrace challenges and put in the work every day. In the end, that’s what has helped me overcome obstacles and hardships in my life.

One of the greatest obstacles happened in March 2020. Like so many people, the pandemic sent me down a different path than I anticipated. Watching the world during a time of major crisis stirred up a lot of emotions inside me. After months of anxiety and stress, I spiraled and eventually hit rock bottom.

After sitting with my emotions, it was time to get back to the basics; I changed my mindset and put my own strategies into play so I could move forward. I knew my story wasn’t unique; countless others were struggling mentally. Even though I had no desire to write another book, I felt compelled to take what I’d experienced and turn to the one thing I know best: coaching.

Dig Deep

Even if sports don’t come naturally to us, we can all learn from elite athletes. Aside from being the best of the best physically, they demonstrate an enormous amount of mental toughness. They’ve been competing to be at the top of their field for years or even decades. They’ve been forced to search deep within during tough losses and emotional setbacks. These experiences make them more resilient.

Whether you’re vying for a promotion or dealing with the loss of a loved one, your mindset is what helps you push through adversity. If you take the time to look at your own inner strength and potential and put all of what’s inside of you toward achieving your goals, you can overcome the hardest of hardships.

“Step up and break through your limits. Turn your crooked rim into your greatest success story.” – Pam Borton, “The Crooked Rim”

Read more tips for overcoming obstacles in “The Crooked Rim,” which hits stores on January 4, 2022. Visit pambortonpartners.com/the-crooked-rim/ to learn more and order an autographed copy. Stay tuned next month as Pam shares more insight from her book and dives into the importance of embracing challenges in work and in life.