Tips for Training Your Mind

“Being physically fit allows us to live… being mentally fit allows us to thrive.” – “The Crooked Rim”

As a former Division I basketball coach, I know practice and training are a huge part of building stamina and confidence among individual athletes and teams. It not only prepares them for the toughest situations, it also makes them stronger. The same is true for high-performing corporate athletes, teams and organizations.

Everyone has faced unique challenges since March 2020. The continuing uncertainty of the future holds has only amplified the importance of having a strong mental game. Just like elite athletes who are in the gym and getting in reps at practice daily, training our minds takes time, dedication and prioritization and is vital to our well-being.

As I mentioned in the last two blogs, there are ways we can become more resilient in our professional and personal lives. From digging deep to embracing challenges, we all have the strength to overcome obstacles; we just need to tap into that mindset and condition ourselves to manifest success. That’s where training comes into play. In the end, how often and how hard we put in the work are key to our overall success in work and life.

Train Daily

Just like yoga practice or marathon training, we also have to regularly work out our most important muscle: our brain. The more we train, the more resilient we become. When we train our minds on a daily basis — from practicing positive self-talk to surrounding ourselves with people who support us and challenge us to do better — we actually become motivated when we are met with setbacks.

Training never ends. There is always room for improvement, and there are always opportunities to grow. This is especially true when it comes to resiliency and well-being. Life is bound to throw us curveballs, so it’s important we know how to navigate them.

We all encounter crooked rims throughout our lives both personally and professionally. It’s on each of us to take ownership of developing the skills we need to overcome any obstacle. Life is demanding, but if we train enough and master our mindset, we can thrive in the face of adversity. By setting goals to increase the capabilities of our mental muscles, creating a plan to develop strong minds and blocking out time for our daily routines, we’ll build confidence and productivity.

“Developing a high level of mental strength minimizes or eliminates the feeling of spiraling out of control.” – “The Crooked Rim”

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