Women ON Point “Attitude of Gratitude”

Attitude of Gratitude

No sooner are we wrapping up our last leadership summit in breath-taking Beaver Creek, Colorado, we are already in full swing for more exciting summits in 2017. But before we get ahead of ourselves, and as we approach our upcoming holiday of “thanks”, we wanted to take a moment and reinforce our message of gratitude.

We discussed how important gratitude is as a daily practice, and the incredible power of positivity. We have heard from many of you that you are incorporating more gratitude into your lives, and are committed to writing down three things you’re grateful for in the morning and in the evening. We know we can’t control everything, but we can take better control of how we start and end our day. We can choose to embrace the positive and celebrate all the wonderful things that often get overshadowed and drowned out by all the negative noise.

If you haven’t started your “Attitude of Gratitude” journal yet, it’s not too late. And to help encourage you to tap into that power of positivity, we are sharing our list of things we’re grateful for…and we would love for you to share your list with the Women ON Point group.

Top 10 “Attitude of Gratitude” from Women ON Point – We are grateful for…

  1. YOU…all the amazing women we have had the honor of connecting with at our summits.
  2. Our dedicated and supportive Power Partners…Hyatt Corporation and WBEC-West.
  3. Joining forces with Sara Lebens as a full partner and critical part of our team.
  4. Laura Bean at One Stop Operations for taking our updated website to the Next Level…
  5. The inspiring panelists that graciously donate their time and wisdom to empower us all.
  6. The gift of feedback we have received so we can continue to grow and improve.
  7. Our alumni who continue to be the greatest ambassadors for Women ON Point.
  8. All the success stories and deep relationships that have resulted from the summits.
  9. The growth we have experienced so we can bring you three summits in 2017.
  10. Our friends and families that have loved us, supported us, and have cheered us on!

To further show our gratitude and appreciation, we would like to make you a very special offer…if you register for a 2017 Women ON Point leadership summit by December 31, 2016, or refer another outstanding woman who could greatly benefit from this experience, you will receive a 20% discount off the full price.

In the spirit of “women supporting women”, and as we move into the holiday season, we can’t think of a better gift to give yourself or another deserving woman who is committed to taking her leadership skills to the Next Level!

Please check out our updated website and join the ongoing Women ON Point conversation on Facebook and LinkedIn. We would love to know what you’re grateful for, to hear your success stories, to answer your questions, and to stay connected.