5 Steps for Goal-Setting Success


Recently I was asked two very interesting questions…”Is it too late to wish people a Happy New Year, and is it too late to set my goals for 2017?”

My answers were simple, ”NO and NO!”

With that, we wish all of you a very Happy New Year and hope you have started 2017 off with a bang! And don’t worry, if you haven’t mapped out your goals yet for this year, we’ve got you covered! Remember, it’s not just about setting new goals and bigger goals…it’s about achieving them.  

The New Year is all about starting off with a clean slate, building new dreams, and establishing new goals. The year is full of possibility and potential. However, it’s one thing to set new goals, and it’s quite another to achieve them.

Everyone begins the year with the best of intentions. But how many people actually achieve or exceed those goals? That’s the question. The answer is very few. The reason is they lack an action plan that produces results.

A goal without a plan is all bluster without benefit.

Here are the 5 Steps for Goal-Setting Success…


Set Measurable Goals


A goal is simply an allusive idea until you give it some metrics. Instead of saying you want a raise or a promotion, give it an actual dollar amount or new job title. Do you want to increase your business? By how much…20% or 50%?

Write Them Down


A goal kept as an idea in your head doesn’t do you any good. A goal should be seen, not kept a secret. By writing it down it not only keeps the goals visible, but it creates a contract and a commitment to achieving that goal. It’s also much harder to forget or abandon the goal if you see the vision everywhere you look.

Establish Milestones


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and goals aren’t achieved overnight. Pace yourself. Figure out the baby steps and milestones along the way you need to achieve in order to cross the finish line. If you want to increase your business by 50% next year, then establishing a milestone of 4-6 new clients per month may be reasonable, doable and sets you up for the ultimate success.

Get an Accountability Buddy


Achieving a goal isn’t easy, and sometimes it’s easier to give up on the goal all together. However, if you have a friend, spouse, professional coach or mentor giving you ongoing support, your chances of achieving the goal skyrocket. They hold you accountable, keep you on track, and provide that critical support everyone needs to get through the tough times and celebrate the successes.

Reward Yourself


A goal worth setting is a goal worth celebrating. Big or small, every goal should be celebrated with some kind of reward. Plan the reward ahead of time. If you increase your business by 50%, then plan a party for the whole team. Take a moment to appreciate your efforts, the struggles and the triumphs that contributed to the success. That way next year you can set your sights, and your goals, even higher.