Vacations Are the Key to Success! What?

Schools are closed, pools are open, and the sun is out – and that means it’s summer vacation. Why is it so easy for kids to countdown the days until they get to sleep late and go to camp, and working adults avoid vacations like the plague. And it’s getting worse. According to a 2022 survey, 55% of American employees do NOT use all of their PTO, only 23% use 100% of their vacation days, and 66% work while on vacation. When did vacations shift from being mandatory as a child to becoming barely optional as an adult?

There are several reasons why, but we know these are really just excuses. In our ever-increasing “grind culture,” being overworked, over-committed, and over-stressed has become a bizarre badge of honor and an unrealistic way of life. No one wants to look like a slacker. Others fear being replaced, overlooked, or becoming obsolete if they are not on the job and fully plugged in 24/7. Some want to avoid the potential mountain of work waiting for them when they return from vacation and are anxious about never being able to catch up. Others feel guilty about over-burdening their co-workers or teammates with additional tasks and responsibilities. And some have a false sense of importance that their workplace will completely fall apart in their absence.

At ON Point, most of our clients insist that work/life balance is a priority – an elusive goal that they will magically achieve someday. Well, someday to today! Vacations are not a luxury they are a necessity when it comes to career longevity and peak performance. Burnout is on the rise, disengagement is rampant, and the struggle to stay motivated is real. Not only do we coach our clients on the importance of focusing on health and wellbeing, selfcare, and time off, but we also live it. This month, we are each heading to Europe to relax, recharge, and take our professional development to the next level.

Embrace the ON Point Action Plan, and survey results, and learn why a vacation is the best strategy when it comes to professional development and career management.

7 Reasons Why Vacations Are the Secret to Success

  1. Culture – creates an environment that promotes work/life balance, health, wellbeing & sustainability
  2. Motivation – 71% of employees with encouraged time off felt more motivated when they returned
  3. Productivity – 58% of employees reported feeling more productive with higher quality work after a vacation
  4. Happiness – 68% of employees said they felt happier, more optimistic & in a better mood
  5. Energy – 66% admitted to returning to work after a vacation with more energy & enthusiasm
  6. Stress – 57% of employees felt less stressed after taking time off & unplugging
  7. Profitability – companies with more engaged, rested & productive employees had 21% greater profitability