Jump on the Back-to-School Bandwagon

Masterming for Emerging Leaders

It doesn’t matter how old we are, or how many years it has been since we graduated, we all still operate according to the school calendar. Whether you are packing lunches and posting first-day-of-school pictures or returning to work after a long weekend, Labor Day is the official end summer, and it’s time to sharpen our number two pencils and get back to school and back to work. Hopefully the summer months were filled with some adventures, relaxation, and plenty of quality time spent with family and friends. Over the summer, everyone is on a physical or mental vacation…or both. All that changes once the temperature starts to drop and the kids break out the new backpacks, set early morning alarms, and organize their folders for an exciting new year at school. Kids or no kids, everyone has a renewed sense of excitement at this time of year and is ready to re-engage their brains, buckle down, and get back to work.


The summer at ON Point was action-packed! Vacations to Iceland, Colorado Rocky Mountains, and Virginia Beach; team development in Ames, Iowa; Top Performer Sales Academy in Chicago; and our annual Signature Leadership Summit was also in Chicago. We went on architectural boat tours in the Windy City, ate an endless amount of food on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair, and visited with family and friends from all over. In addition, our clients were celebrating promotions, new career opportunities, and a variety of rewards and recognitions. Overall, it was a wonderful summer.


Just like the kids have a new curriculum and list of school supplies to kick off the new school year, so should professional adults. Time to jump on the back-to-school bandwagon. Follow the ON Point Action Plan to make sure you are going back to work with a bang!

  1. Re-Evaluate & Recommit to Your Daily Routine
  2. Revisit & Refocus on Goals & Strategic Action Plans
  3. Reach Out & Reconnect With Your Network
  4. Organize Your Desk, Phone & To-Do Lists
  5. Get More Engaged Internally & Within Your Industry
  6. Participate in Professional Development
  7. Update Your Brag Book, Resume & LinkedIn Profile