Back to School, Back to Work – 10 Ways to Go Back with a Bang (Part 2)

It’s that time of year when we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. It’s also the time of year when all the kids are back in school and we buckle down and get back to work.

And we are excited to get back to work with our next Women ON Point: Next Level Leadership Summit at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa in Beaver Creek, Colorado on October 12-14. We still have space available for those women looking to go back to work with a bang and take their leadership skills to the next level!

Just like the kids have a new school supply list and curriculum to kick off the school year, so should professional adults. Here are 5 more tips for going back to work with a bang.

  1. Get Engaged — It’s not about getting married; it’s about increasing your visibility within your organization, industry, and/or community by volunteering for selective and strategic extra-curricular activities. Donating your time, expertise, talents, and passion not only can feed your soul, but can catapult your career to the next level.
  2. Write Content — When it comes to increasing your professional visibility, nothing can cause your career to go viral more than well-written and well-placed content. If you’re an expert in your field, or are aspiring to be an expert, writing blog articles or developing content for your organization’s e-newsletter is an effective way to re-engage in the conversation.
  3. Participate in Professional Development — Just like it’s time for the kids to go back to school for intellectual stimulation and challenge, it’s time for the same thing to happen at work. Not only do people take a physical vacation during the summer, they also take a mental vacation. Going back to work is about reactivating your brain and taking advantage of those professional development opportunities that can spark new ideas and expand your mental horizons.
  4. Be a Mentor, Get a Mentor — No one achieves any level of success alone, and the best way to get back on track is by finding a mentor. The right mentor will not only model critical professional behavior, but will also hold you accountable as you set your sights on that next level in your career. And nothing will help you re-engage faster than being a mentor for someone else. Thinking of someone else’s success is an effective way to clear the cobwebs.
  5. Give LinkedIn a Facelift — It’s easy to take a vacation from LinkedIn during the summer…out of sight, out of mind. Now is the time to give your profile a full review and a much-needed facelift. Do you have a new headshot that needs to be uploaded, did you get a new job or promotion over the summer that needs to be announced, or do you have several invitations waiting in your inbox that need a response? LinkedIn is an incredibly useful online tool, but only if you use it.