Trying to Eat an Elephant? Focus Your Attention & Find Success

We know you. You’re driven, motivated and wired to succeed. You move at lightning speed and are on the fast track to bigger and better things. And we couldn’t be more excited or more proud of our Women ON Point alumni and all their success.

We also know there is a big difference between doing things right and doing the right things. Are you focused on the “right things” that will catapult your career?

Pam, Sara and I have had the incredible privilege of working with a team of 30 dynamic, executive women and guiding them through our 12-month leadership academy. These women are leaders and at the top of their game. Superstars when we met them on day one.

But like everyone else, there was still room to grow…and did they ever!

Knowing that soft skills account for 85% of overall success, we administered the Emotional Intelligence assessment at the beginning and then again at the end of the leadership academy. Not surprising this group of Rockstar, over-achievers increased their overall scores by almost 300 points collectively. But how?

The age-old adage…How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

As you can imagine, these go-getters wanted to dive in and tackle all 15 EQ sub-scales at one time. But that is not how you eat an EQ elephant…and that is not how you move the needle and make improvements. Rome was not built in a day, and neither were you.

3 Ways to Focus Your Attention and Find Success

Less is More

When it comes to personal and professional growth and development, it’s impossible to improve everything at once. Don’t try to eat the entire elephant in one sitting. Focus on two or three areas that need your attention, narrow down a few specific behaviors that could use a little TLC and identify a couple of actions that could be better.

Create Accountability

One of the greatest benefits of having an executive coach is accountability. A coach helps you hyper-focus on the top priorities and holds you accountable for implementing change. However, you can also create accountability with a friend, colleague, mentor or team. Accountability helps turn your focus into results.

Celebrate Success

By breaking down your elephant into manageable, bite-sized pieces, it allows you to closely track the progress and celebrate the success. Whether it’s crossing the finish line or crossing something meaningful off your to-do list, it’s critical to acknowledge and recognize your successes. Remember, small wins quickly add up to significant successes.

We know that what you focus on grows. If you’re interested in growing your success, then it’s time to focus on doing the “right things” in the right way. And, we are here to help and to happily announce our Women ON Point: Next Level Leadership signature summits for 2020!