4 Resolutions to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Happy new year! At WomenOnPoint, we are always striving to help you improve and build on your successes. If you were with us throughout 2019, you had a front-row seat to all of our new programs and initiatives, and we are immeasurably grateful to have been a part of your growth. As we begin a brand-new decade, we want to help you improve your overall wellbeing in the workplace, and beyond. 2020 is a great year to take care of your mental and emotional wellbeing, and to enjoy all the benefits of a healthier and more successful you.

Develop a practice of gratitude

Taking a moment at the beginning or end of each day to list even just a few things to feel grateful for can lead to a clearer mind and the ability to be more present in the moment. The more specific you can be, the more meaningful the practice will become to you. For example, it’s perfectly fine to list having a job in this uncertain economy as something to be grateful for. However, you will benefit more if you can list something unique to you, e.g., “I am grateful to lead a team of such talented professionals,” or “I am grateful for the challenge and rewards of my work.”

Learn something new

The value of a hobby might not be readily apparent to developing our leadership skills, but studies show that people who spend time on recreational activities tend to be more alert and better equipped to deal with stress. Not to mention the boost of confidence that comes with acquiring and improving on a new skill. As a busy professional, it might seem daunting to try and make time for a new pursuit, but a hobby doesn’t have to claim much time or even effort. There are tons of apps out there to exercise your brain, teach yourself a new language, or learn about everything from medieval history to architecture.

Nurture connections (and make new ones)

Your colleagues are uniquely qualified to understand the challenges you face in your job. Use that to your advantage and build a supportive community of your fellow professionals. Note that we used the word “supportive” – choose to be around people who are positive and focused on growth. Negative people in all areas of life will do little more than suck the life out of you, leaving you vulnerable to stress and depression.

Take care of your body

Taking care of yourself physically will do wonders for your emotional and mental wellbeing.  You don’t have to make drastic changes or even care about a number on a scale to see and feel the positive difference in your daily life. For example, taking a short walk during the workday can stimulate your feel-good hormones and send you back into the office feeling re-energized and refreshed. Walks or other physical activity can even boost your creativity and help you come up with ideas to help your team succeed.

A new decade is a great time to set goals for our development as leaders. Emphasizing your mental and emotional wellness, emotional self-awareness, and wellbeing is one of the smartest investments you can make in your continued professional growth. We hope you’ll join us this year and take advantage of WomenOnPoint as an invaluable resource.