Get Creative with Gratitude

Kindness benefits the giver too. Teams who are kind to one another grow strong together. And let’s face it – as the pandemic drags on – and we wait patiently for a vaccine kindness takes on a whole new meaning. It just feels good to be kind and show appreciation for those who matter to us – because they matter now more than ever.

In a normal year, your team would probably be planning the final details for your holiday party. Or maybe it would already be on the calendar. Leaders typically use holiday parties to show their appreciation for their team. And while it may look profoundly different this year, there is no reason why you can’t do that this year. Here are four creative ideas for taking your show of appreciation to the next level this year. All they take is some creativity. And maybe Zoom.

1. Start a shoutout thread. Send a shoutout to a team member over a group email or via group chat or Slack. Instead of props for a job well done, shout out an act of kindness. Maybe they helped you figure out one of the dozens of technical hiccups we’ve all encountered this year. Or perhaps, they listened to you vent about the perils of working from home. Shout it out – and then encourage your team to follow suit.

2. Schedule a Zoom happy hour or lunch for your team – your treat. Surprise them with lunch delivery or have them expense their favorite take-out. Relax as a team and enjoy the meal together. And don’t talk about work.

If you choose a happy hour, consider sending a “Happy Hour Care Package” using a service like Sendoso.

3. Keep your team motivated by sending your favorite leadership book. It’s a nice way to show your appreciation and also let them know that you already recognize their leadership skills.

4. Teams that show thanks together, stay and grow together. Our communities are in great need during this time which means there are plentiful volunteering opportunities! Get together as a team and give back. Check out your local United Way for local volunteering opportunities. If you’d like to keep it virtual create a virtual fundraiser and work together as a team to get the word out. If you’re feeling competitive, the person who raises the most gets an additional PTO day!

At ON Point, we know we’re all in this together. 2020 is an unforgettable year. Amid all of the darkness, we’ve had a chance to see what matters. We know you matter – and we’re grateful to have the chance to lead you during this time. And we’ll stay here – supporting you through it all, whether it’s coaching, leadership seminars, or just by giving you something inspiring to read.