Five Ways Leaders and Teams Can Celebrate the Month of Love

Next Level leaders have great ideas. We hire great talent to help us implement those ideas. And we compensate our teams well. But if the talent doesn’t stay excited about the idea or the team, we’ve lost both.


Keeping a team happy and passionate about our idea is no easy task. But it doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it sounds. Just share the love.


To help leaders do just that, we’re sharing some ideas we’re passionate about here at Women ON Point.


Have regular conversations.

Too often leaders and management react at the first sign of a team going downhill. ON Point leaders do things differently. Regular team assessments give help leaders understand how to support the team, where the team strengths lie, and what can improve.


Teams who participate in regular check-ins get used to the process. As time goes on, members open up and be more willing to share.


Keep the team-building ongoing.

Before bonding as a team individuals have to like one another. And the individuals on your team may have liked one another at one time. You liked them, that’s why you hired them. But as with any relationship, team members must work on their relationships with one another outside of day-to-day tasks.


Next Level leaders know that regular team-building exercises help team members work on their relationships with one another. Tackling a challenge that’s different from the norm forces individuals to let go of their past, challenge current assumptions about one another, and building stronger interpersonal relationships.


Be a leader that celebrates.

Nothing makes folks feel better than a pat on the back. ON Point leadership recognizes individual and team successes. It doesn’t cost a thing – and the benefits are priceless. Recognition fuels workplace happiness, motivation and gives employees a sense of value and belonging.


Give ownership.

ON Point leadership knows that every team member from the entry-level to the most senior member feels like they played a role in every success. And when things don’t go well, they take the time to analyze how each contribution played a role without pointing fingers. Every win is a team win and every loss is a team loss. Next Level leaders foster this team spirit by ensuring that the workload is shared equally to give all team members a sense of ownership.


Don’t just lead the team, be part of the team.

Make it clear to your team that as a leader, you are an equal part of the team. And be happy to do so. When the team sees that you are working on the project as hard as they are, rather than ruling from an ivory tower, they’ll keep putting in the extra effort. Your passion is infectious – that’s how you were able to find and convince top talent to be part of your team.


Here at Women ON Point, we’re here to help ON Point Next Level leaders build and maintain ON Point Next Level teams. Taking a little extra time with your team ensures that your team continues to feel the love – long after the month of love is over.