Don’t Let Delegation be Your Downfall


We have good news and bad news. The good news is that our Women ON Point alumni are going gangbusters with more than a 70% success rate when it comes to promotions, raises, new career opportunities, board seats, and awards and recognitions.

Congratulations to everyone!

The bad is news is that delegation is still an anchor and an obstacle that prevents many from fully embracing that next level of leadership.

Let’s be honest. We are uber-competent when it comes to getting things done, and often believe we can do it faster and better than anyone else one. We also don’t ever want to overload or inconvenience anyone with additional tasks. However, knowing that effective leadership is defined by getting things done through others, mastering the art of delegation is critical to leadership success.

Here are 5 Steps to Delegating with Confidence:

1. Think of Delegation as a Gift

The first step is shifting your mindset. Instead of thinking of delegation as burdening or bothering someone else, think of it as a gift. You are gifting someone with an opportunity to shine, an opportunity to grow, and an opportunity to feel like a valued member of the team.

2. Start Small

Delegation is all about setting someone else up for success. Start with small, more manageable sized tasks and build from there. This allows you to also build trust and confidence in their skills and ability to deliver.

3. Set Clear Expectations

Clearly communicating expectations when delegating responsibilities is the difference between success and failure. Let the person know exactly why you’re asking and/or directing that project to them, what you want them to do, and when you want it done.

4. Check-In

Few people perform at their best with a “dump and dash” type of approach. When initially delegating, the onus is on you to check in routinely for a status update, to address any questions, and to make sure the assignment is on track for a successful outcome.

5. Celebrate

We talk a lot about “wins” at Women ON Point and delegating successfully is certainly something to celebrate. Instead of hastily moving onto the next item on the to-do list, take a moment and recognize that person for stretching their skill set, for expanding their bandwidth, or for going the extra mile. Rewarding a new job well done not only boosts that person’s confidence level, but it also strengthens your confidence in your ability to delegate…and a win-win situations is always worth celebrating!