It doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone still operates according to the school calendar.  We are conditioned to put our noses to the grindstone from September until May, and then take a physical and mental vacation during the summer months.  We can’t wait to sit on the beach, read a trashy novel, or travel to visit with friends and family.  They don’t call it the “lazy days of summer” for nothing.

This may be true for everyone else, but not for the motivated, driven, and committed women who attended our last Women ON Point leadership summit in Chicago in July.

While everyone else is taking the summer off, these women decided to invest in themselves and take their leadership skills to the next level…and it has paid off in a big way!

We are thrilled to announce that the promotions that are being highlighted in this “Success Spotlight” occurred just days after the Women ON Point leadership summit, and both of these women were hand-picked and sent by a previous Women ON Point attendee. It’s just another powerful example of “women supporting women”, and paying it forward in a significant way.

KaDee Holt – attended the Women ON Point leadership summit in Chicago, 2017

Congratulations to KaDee on her recent promotion! Kadee was previously the Director of Marketing at IntelliSource, and has now been elevated to the new Senior Director of Marketing and Sales.

Here’s what KaDee has to say…”Women on Point was much more than a summit, the structure and intimate setting allowed for quick and powerful relationship building between a diverse group of women resulting in a motivational and encouraging experience both professionally and personally.  It was the jump start I needed to identify professional goals and set a path to achieve them while developing long standing relationships with like-minded women who are encouraging and holding me accountable.  This opportunity was exactly what I needed to prepare me for this next level in my career as a Senior Director at IntelliSource.”  


Susan Murray – attended the Women ON Point leadership summit in Chicago, 2017

Congratulations to Susan on her recent promotion! Susan was previously the Site Operations Manager at IntelliSource, and is now the Director of Operations.

Here’s what Susan has to say…”WOP provided me with the opportunity to hear invaluable viewpoints, perspectives, wisdom, and guidance from other woman leaders that I can bring with me to share as I work with and lead other women. Invaluable!!!”


In addition to sharing amazing news, we are also hard at work planning for next year. We have heard, and are honoring, your requests to bring Women ON Point back to a couple of our favorite locations. Mark your calendars, because Women ON Point is all set for March 28-30 at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis. It’s filling up fast, so we encourage you to register early.

We are also on track to host another Women ON Point in Denver, Colorado in the fall of 2018, and we’ll announce those details as soon as everything is confirmed.

In the meantime, there is still plenty of time to make this season a huge success.

Here are 5 Ways to Make Your Summertime a Time for Success…

  1. Turn those bar-b-ques and block parties into networking opportunities and expand your network.
  2. Add a book about leadership or Emotional Intelligence to your summer reading list.
  3. Tackle some of those mid or longer-term projects that never make it to the top of the to-do list.
  4. Find a mentor or be a mentor…or both.
  5. Use the slower time to get more involved in your community, to get more engaged in professional development activities, and to get more visibility within your organization.


Today more than ever we are bombarded with fake news, bad news, and negative news, and it infiltrates our lives 24/7. It’s on every channel and on every device. There is no escape. It screams the loudest and demands the most attention…until now.

As we (Pam, Aimee, and Sara) prepare for our next Women ON Point leadership summit in Chicago on July 19-21, we are confident that we can drown out the mind-numbing negative news with not just one, but four success stories this month.

It’s not a secret that those who invest in themselves are exponentially more successful than those who do not. Every successful tycoon from Warren Buffett to Bill Gates enthusiastically commits 10% of their annual income to personal and professional development. They invest in training, education, coaching, and mastermind groups to ensure they stay on top and continue to grow.

We are beyond thrilled to announce that the same tycoon-type mentality is going gangbusters at Women ON Point. Women who have attended our leadership summits have experienced new dream jobs, promotions, raises, and are leveraging what they’ve learned in innovative ways to pay it forward.

Here are 4 incredible Women ON Point alumni we are honored to highlight in this “Success Spotlight”…

Ana Battung – attended the Women ON Point leadership summit in Long Beach, CA 2017

Congratulations to Ana on her recent promotion! Ana was previously the Associate Director of Sales for Hyatt Regency Long Beach and Hyatt Centric the Pike, and will now take her place as the Global Sales Director on the Hyatt Sales Force Americas Team. There’s even more great news…Ana has also been appointed as one of the Executive Committee Leaders for the [email protected] West Coast Chapter. 

Here’s what Ana has to say…”Women ON Point was an absolutely amazing experience! It brought on a new perspective to my leadership style and highlighted specific areas of opportunity for me to focus on. I now have the tools and resources available to continue to propel me throughout my career and allow me to pay it forward for other women. I highly recommend Women ON Point to anyone regardless of where they are in their career and in their life. It’s truly the best way to invest in yourself and you will make friends that will last a lifetime!”

Katie Dittman – attended the Women ON Point leadership summit in Beaver Creek, CO 2016

Congratulations to Katie on her recent promotion! Katie was previously the Manager of Global Culture and Talent Management for Hyatt Hotels Corporation and is now the Manager of Global Operations Communications. 

Here’s what Katie has to say…”I am thrilled to be taking on a new role within Hyatt. Women ON Point was just the push I needed to validate my ability to go for a completely new position. I learned a lot from spending time with women from different industries, companies, and in a variety of positions. Working with Aimee gave me a lot more confidence to sell myself in interviews, ask for what I deserve, and promote my capabilities in a new light. She also completely made-over my résumé which was MUCH needed! I’m grateful for my WONP experience!”

Wren Brotzman – attended the Women ON Point leadership summit in Beaver Creek, CO 2016

Congratulations to Wren on her recent promotion! Wren was previously the Chief Operating Officer at RMC, and is now the Executive Vice President. 



Nicole Bunbury Sjowall – attended the Women ON Point leadership summit in Beaver Creek, CO 2016

Congratulations to Nicole on her commitment to “pay it forward”. Nicole is the owner of Bunbury & Associates Realtors and was so inspired by what she learned at Women ON Point she kicked off the company-wide annual meeting with personalized “Brag Books” for all team members to capture their personal and professional successes. Nicole also invited Sara to deliver specific Women ON Point presentations including personal branding, mindset, and executive presence to her team. 

Here’s what Nicole has to say…”Women ON Point leadership summit was such an empowering experience! There was so much useful information for me to re-energize my leadership and communication development. Sara, Pam, and Aimee are so effective in teaching us how managing our professional development can launch us into becoming successful leaders. Women ON Point is a game changer!”

BONUS “Success Spotlight”

Professional Women’s Club of Chicago (PWCC) – We are big believers that no one achieves any level of success alone, and therefore we’d like to shine a special light on our Chicago power partner, PWCC. PWCC creates opportunities for Chicago-area professional women to make connections that inspire personal and professional growth, support business and personal goals, and enrich lives. The membership consists of successful female corporate executives, junior and senior professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, artists, prominent individuals in their industries, businesses, and communities. 

In the spirit of “women supporting women”, we encourage you to reach out and congratulate your fellow Women ON Point alumni and keep those connections alive and well. It’s easy to get mired down by an endless to-do list, to get distracted by fake news, and to get overwhelmed by life events — but it’s also easy to choose to focus on the positive, to celebrate key accomplishments, and to cultivate those quality relationships in your life.

And, we are here to help you do all of that and more!

There are so many women who could benefit from the Women ON Point magic, but there are only a few spots left in Chicago. We are reaching out to you, our valued alumni, to help us identify those individual women in need of this transformational professional development experience. We want to positively impact more lives, make an even greater difference, and catapult more women to the Next Level!

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We kicked off Women’s History Month with a bang this year with our Women ON Point leadership summit in Long Beach, California. We hosted 20 of the most driven and dynamic women from all over the country, including Hawaii, and are incredibly grateful to our power partner, the Hyatt Regency Long Beach, for going above and beyond in every way. Read more

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My answers were simple, ”NO and NO!”

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No sooner are we wrapping up our last leadership summit in breath-taking Beaver Creek, Colorado, we are already in full swing for more exciting summits in 2017. But before we get ahead of ourselves, and as we approach our upcoming holiday of “thanks”, we wanted to take a moment and reinforce our message of gratitude.

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It’s that time of year when we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. It’s also the time of year when all the kids are back in school and we buckle down and get back to work.

And we are excited to get back to work with our next Women ON Point: Next Level Leadership Summit at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa in Beaver Creek, Colorado on October 12-14. We still have space available for those women looking to go back to work with a bang and take their leadership skills to the next level!

Just like the kids have a new school supply list and curriculum to kick off the school year, so should professional adults. Here are 5 more tips for going back to work with a bang.

  1. Get Engaged — It’s not about getting married; it’s about increasing your visibility within your organization, industry, and/or community by volunteering for selective and strategic extra-curricular activities. Donating your time, expertise, talents, and passion not only can feed your soul, but can catapult your career to the next level.
  2. Write Content — When it comes to increasing your professional visibility, nothing can cause your career to go viral more than well-written and well-placed content. If you’re an expert in your field, or are aspiring to be an expert, writing blog articles or developing content for your organization’s e-newsletter is an effective way to re-engage in the conversation.
  3. Participate in Professional Development — Just like it’s time for the kids to go back to school for intellectual stimulation and challenge, it’s time for the same thing to happen at work. Not only do people take a physical vacation during the summer, they also take a mental vacation. Going back to work is about reactivating your brain and taking advantage of those professional development opportunities that can spark new ideas and expand your mental horizons.
  4. Be a Mentor, Get a Mentor — No one achieves any level of success alone, and the best way to get back on track is by finding a mentor. The right mentor will not only model critical professional behavior, but will also hold you accountable as you set your sights on that next level in your career. And nothing will help you re-engage faster than being a mentor for someone else. Thinking of someone else’s success is an effective way to clear the cobwebs.
  5. Give LinkedIn a Facelift — It’s easy to take a vacation from LinkedIn during the summer…out of sight, out of mind. Now is the time to give your profile a full review and a much-needed facelift. Do you have a new headshot that needs to be uploaded, did you get a new job or promotion over the summer that needs to be announced, or do you have several invitations waiting in your inbox that need a response? LinkedIn is an incredibly useful online tool, but only if you use it.

It doesn’t matter how old we get, or how many years it’s been since we graduated, we all still adhere to the school calendar. The New Year doesn’t start on the first of January; it starts on the first day of school.

Over the summer, everyone is on a physical or mental vacation…or both. They’re not called the lazy days of summer for nothing. That’s the time we head to the beach, read endless novels by the pool, travel to visit with friends and family, and try to do the least amount of work possible.

This is true whether you’re currently employed or looking for a new job. However, all that changes once the kids break out the new backpacks, sharpen those number two pencils and get organized for an exciting new year at school. Kids or no kids, everyone has a renewed sense of excitement at this time of year and is ready to re-engage their brains, buckle down, and get back to work.

And we are excited to get back to work with our next Women ON Point: Next Level Leadership Summit at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa in Beaver Creek, Colorado on October 12-14. We still have space available for those women looking to go back to work with a bang and take their leadership skills to the next level!

Just like the kids have a new school supply list and curriculum to kick off the school year, so should professional adults. Here are the first 5 tips for going back to work with a bang.

  1. Update Your Résumé — Not only is reflecting back on your recent accomplishments an important mental exercise, it’s critical to your professional success. An updated résumé that reads like a “success story” not only helps job seekers get a new job, but helps employed professionals promote themselves within their organizations. Don’t let the sluggish days of summer cause undue amnesia when it comes to celebrating your successes.
  2. Reconnect with Your Network — Between varying travel schedules and taking the kids to camp and tennis lessons, there’s not a lot of extra time to network during the summer months. Now is the time to reach out those quality connections and get reconnected. Networking is truly the key to success.
  3. Clean Your Desk — Whether it’s cleaning out your desk at home or at the office, take time to get organized. Papers, projects, and post-it notes can accumulate over the summer, and no one is fully productive or completely efficient when they need to wade through clutter. Start fresh with a clean slate and a clean desk.
  4. Find the Focus — Summer is the time for day-dreaming, trashy novel reading, slipping away from work early, and procrastinating. Priorities change and a sense of urgency takes a vacation. Revisiting those professional goals and objectives, making a strategic action plan, and getting focused is the best way to get back to work.
  5. Lead Your Way Back — Sometimes over the summer we find ourselves thinking of everyone else. Now is the time to refocus on your own leadership skills and seek new leadership opportunities. Whether it’s attending a leadership summit or pursuing a new leadership role on a board, this is about making sure you’re back on your own priority list.